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Enriched Air Nitrox (EANX)

Would you like to safely stay down longer on your dives with more no decompression time? Enriched Air Nitrox diving with a higher percentage of Oxygen than air can make that a possibility. Repetitive dives profiles are easier and the safety margin for dives on varied profiles is greater. If that sounds appealing, join us for the Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty. We will make sure you understand the principles and safety protocols necessary to enjoy this added extra in your diving.

Open Water

4 days+
4–6 People
10+ y/o



Advanced Open Water

90 min.
2–6 People
10+ y/o



Enriched Air Nitrox

90 min.
<6 People
10+ y/o



Rescue & Dive Master

90 min.
<6 People
16+ y/o
Individual Basis


Good to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Please look at the FAQ for additional information.
What Do I Need to Bring to My Lesson?
Students will need to bring a scuba quality mask, fins and a snorkel. A wetsuit can be handy if you get cold easily.
What Is the Minimum Age for Dive Courses?
PADI Seal team is 8 yrs old.
Discover Scuba age is 10 yrs old.
Junior Scuba Diver age is 10-15 years old.
Adult open water diver starts at 16.
Where can I purchase supplies?
You can go to a dive shop or online. I use Sugarland Dive center. You can also look at or
Can I Rent the Equipment?
I can rent tanks and regulators, but it’s dependent on class schedules. Tanks are $10 a day and regulators are $20 a day.
What Payment Do You Accept?
Payments can be made using Venmo, cash, or check.
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